Reviews - Peepshow Launch (4 stars)

Peepshow Launch

Classic Grand, Glasgow, Wed 28 Feb


Already inundated most nights of the week, cynics might say that Glasgow needs a new band night like it does another rainy day. Peepshow, refreshingly, is a showcase with a difference, however. On the last Wednesday of every month at The Classic Grand, the night purports to bring in the very best of the unknowns - fresh, local talent ripe for the signing.

The bands on display at Peepshow’s opening night did well to back up the wisdom of such an idea. San Sebastian (pictured) make all the right references with ambitious, spacey mini-epics that sound a bit like Bloc Party given a shoegaze makeover. The Ads, meanwhile, go for the jugular a bit more directly, churning out sharp, visceral Scots inflected rock reminiscent of Idlewild. They’re good fun, if lacking in any real individuality.

Sandwiched in between, on the other hand, was a band that definitely stood out. Not exactly unsigned (by virtue of their affiliation with Greenock-based indie Grace Records), but certainly unheralded thus far, Stopstarts make spiky, energetic punk, early 80s NYC-style, full of popping bass and close harmonies. ‘My Watch Is Digital’ is particularly excellent: taut, clever and tighter than a clenched fist. More of the same please Peepshow.

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