Rapture, The - album review (3 stars)

The Rapture

Pieces of People We Love (Vertigo)


The Rapture pretty much invented what people laughingly refer to as ‘new rave’. Punk funk, pulsating basslines, brass and fuzzed guitars; the scrawny illegitimate offspring of Madchester and Iggy Pop. Their last album spawned the monstrous, infectious ‘House of Jealous Lovers’, and here they almost recapture that moment on the soon-to-be-classic ‘Get Myself into It’. But despite the dancefloor throb there’s a darkness; these are nights in the seedy nooks and crannies of New York’s clubland rather than the day-glo world of the Hippodrome. Ragged vocals contrast with the party-up cowbells and pounding beats. Another raw yet funky dispatch.

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