ABC, Glasgow, Mon 19 Mar


!!! don't like to make things easy for themselves. Choosing a name that's not just unpronounceable ('Chk Chk Chk' is the most popular method) but also un-Googleable (try it), was always likely to cause complications for one thing. Then there's the small matter of all eight members scattering themselves roughly 2500 miles apart on both coasts of their native America, something that may make communication (let alone songwriting) a tricky process.

It's in many ways because, rather than in spite of their flagrant disregard for common sense though that !!! produce some of the most outlandish sounds in modern music. Formed in 1996 when three bands - The Yah Mos, Black Liquorice and Popesmashers - became one, from the off anything went, as Philly soul, punk funk, house beats, wild guitars and wacky lyrics were all slung together to form a sprawling, idiosyncratic, 16-legged beast. The band's eponymous debut appeared to critical fanfare in 2001. A second acclaimed longplayer Louden Up Now followed, although it was their 2005 EP, featuring a trippy eight-minute version of The Magnetic Field's 'Take Ecstasy With Me', that was to catch most peoples attention, and is fast becoming a minor acid house classic.

!!!'s storming new album - a bunch of loose, groovy snatches from hours worth of jamming at a rented house in Nashville - drops this month, entitled Myth Takes. They're currently promoting it worldwide, with 38,000 miles of touring, between 42 cities, across 17 countries, on four continents, all in the space of just two months. Any other way would, we assume, be too simple.

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