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  • 22 January 2009

Diplo - Decent Work for Decent Pay: Vol 1 (Big Dada) An overview of the last four years. The remixes are stronger than his solo work and the Daft Punk remix is worth the price alone.

The Bucky Rage - Ditchdigger (Northern Cowboy) Dirty American rock ‘n’ roll with a malevolent stomp, the Glasgow foursome brings some true grit along with the howling vocals.

Recording the Impossible - Recording the Impossible (SL) A collection of sketches and poems put to music. Difficult to wrap your head round, this musical comedy is sweet but isn’t going to trouble Flight of the Conchords’ position at the top.

Various - Badger Stamp Records Collection 2008 (Badger Stamp) A compilation of artists that have signed up to the philosophy of this DIY label. The ‘DIY’ aspect is often too evident, but there are some gems demanding to be heard.

Various - Magic Island Music For Balearic People (Armada) Almost a day in the life of Ibiza, DJ Shah’s mix has ambient trance and club beats side by side.

Titus Andronicus - The Airing of Grievances (Merok/XL) Re-released and newly mastered, this raucous, swashbuckling telling of suburban teenage life has plenty of Pogues-like charm.

Fight Like Apes - Fight Like Apes and the Mystery of the Golden Medallion (Model Citizen) Energetic and fun, its not that far removed from Johnny Foreigner, but with a more childish attitude towards love and life.

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