Patsy Reid - Bridging The Gap (4 stars)

Patsy Reid - Bridging The Gap

(Vertical Records)


Fiddler Patsy Reid's contribution to last year's New Voices series at Celtic Connections allowed her to exercise both her expertise in traditional music and her classical training in a suite designed to bring those poles together. It is structured in three movements in reference to the classical concerto form, but with each segment within the movements based on a traditional reel, jig, slow air, march, Strathspey or hornpipe, set in a specific mode.

Reid is the principal soloist in a fine ensemble that also features fellow fiddlers Aidan O'Rourke and Anna Wendy Stevenson. The attractive and coherent suite is skillfully constructed and beautifully performed, and provides another feather in the cap for a series that has consistently encouraged imaginative young musicians to think outside of the usual forms and structures of traditional music, often with similarly impressive results that haven't always made it onto disc.

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