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  • The Midgie
  • 1 December 2008
The View – ‘Wasted Little DJs’

The View – ‘Wasted Little DJs’

Kieren Webster, bassist and vocalist with The View, was voted the sixth coolest person in the world by the NME in 2006, the year his band shot to fame. Originally from Dundee, he's spent the last few years living it up all over the world. Here are the tunes that he listened to.

Primal Scream – ‘Swastika Eyes’
You always get to that point of the night where the Scream go on. When we used to tour in a splitter van (a transit van with sections for people and equipment), we'd stop at traffic lights with music blaring and open the door and people would think there was a rave going on. They'd be like 'what the fuck?' and then we'd drive away again. We used to spend six weeks at at a time in that van.

Rolling Stones – ‘Mother's Little Helper’
It's a great rock'n'roll song. If there's anyone that's been on the road, it's the Rolling Stones. I don't think we have as much fun as them when we’re touring, probably because we've not got the budget. We've not quite matched them with the groupies yet either. Pete, our guitarist, is obsessed with them. I was always like: ‘Get that off and stick The Clash on.' But now I've started to appreciate it more.

The Clash – ‘Spanish Bombs’
The Clash always had a point to make. Listening to them is like speaking to someone who's got a lot to say. They're really powerful, but without trying to be show-off musicians. They looked cool as fuck as well. I think all their songs are brilliant and its hard to pick a favourite. Loads of punk stuff is really good, but none of those bands can match The Clash.

The View – ‘Wasted Little DJs’
Are you allowed to say your own song? I like this because it reminds me of the summer when everything was kicking off for the band and me and all my mates were having a great time. It was probably the best time in my life. Just that sheer optimism. Amazing. We play it every night live though, so it's not as if we sit there and listen to our own records in the bus.

The Law – ‘Television Satellite’
There are hundreds of great bands in Dundee and The Law are one of them. This is one of their new songs, just recorded, and I think it's really good. We all influenced each other. Us and The Law were the first to get crowds. Before, the only people at gigs would be from other bands, but we started to pull in the sort of crowds that would normally go to nightclubs. Now there's loads of great bands there.

Disney – ‘Fantasia’
One of the new songs on our album sounds like the Disney tune from Fantasia. It's got this big, vamping chorus with strings. Paulo Nutini sings on it too. We get along really well with him even though his music is not really our cup of tea. He bought his trumpet player along, so we got a free trumpet for the night. Paulo's as sound as a pound. The chicks love him, like.

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