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  • The Midgie
  • 1 December 2008
Those Dancing Days

Those Dancing Days

Add to your favourite travelling tunes with these musical gems

Popping and bopping their way towards a hyperactive fit, Those Dancing Days have a boundless energy. All five band members are freshly out of high school and busy making bouncy Swedish pop. Their songs rattle with smoky vocals, tinny drums and fizzy pop beats, slowing down to a shallow stream of sound before kicking off again at breakneck speed. Something to listen to while dancing like no one’s watching.

Like some sort of rappers self-help group, Young Fathers seem to use rhyming to work through their woman problems – like single ‘Straight Back On It’ and its tale of pulling a girl who ‘looked a little bit like a transvestite’. Or ‘Superpop’, with its ‘girls with passion, lost their meaning – what’s more important love or sex?’. This Glasgow trio combine loose vocals with a funky soul vibe, more akin to the smooth love songs of Marvin Gaye. Their tongue-in-cheek tunes are then jazzed up with distorted disco beats and squeaky keyboards. Catch them live to appreciate the full Young Fathers experience, with their rather interesting synchronized dance moves. They are really rather brilliant.

With band members named Ritzy, Rhydian and Justin, it would be disappointing if Joy Formidable turned out to sound like just any old Tom, Dick or Harry. As it turns out they live up to their flamboyant names. Each song comes on like a grandiose epic, wallowing in waves of synth, fuzzy guitar and gruff, velvety vocals. They make a carefully controlled racket – a bit like Arcade Fire, but with added oomph. The song to seek out first is ‘Austere’, a teasing slice of urgent indie rock – with a shrieking backing vocal, electro feedback and instruments that build in tangled layers as the song goes on, ending with an extended guitar riff. It tires itself out, rolls over and falls asleep. But that’s when you press re-play.

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