12 Questions: Travis

12 Questions: Travis

In one of their most famous songs, Travis famously asked why it always rained on them. To any Scot, the answer was obvious: because you live in Glasgow, stupid. Midway through a world tour to promote their latest album, Ode to J. Smith, guitarist Andy Dunlop gave Anna Docherty the opportunity to ask some tougher questions.

1. What are you most proud of?
My son, Dylan, he is perfect in every way.

2. What do people not know about Travis?
That we really aren't such nice guys at all. Behind closed doors we are some of the vilest people you would ever encounter.

3. What Scottish thing would you get rid of if you could?
I love the sound of one lone piper, but any more and you really do have way too much of a good thing. I could quite happily eradicate all pipe bands.

4. How would you describe Scotland to an alien?
A nation of drinkers, laughers and lovers. And people not to be crossed.

5. Haggis: love it or hate it?
Love it, love it, love it. But forget having it posh, give me it deep-fried with chips any day.

6. What’s your favourite Scottish food?
A well-made Scotch pie is pretty much perfection.

7. Can you recite a Burns poem?
As with pop songs and national anthems, I can usually manage the first couple of lines before I get a bit unstuck. But I did recently delve deep back into ‘Tam 'O Shanter’ when we were recording the new album. It's deliciously dark.

8. What couldn't you travel without?
A ticket, ha ha! No, but I think all I need is a good book and I'm happy just about anywhere.

9. Have you got the legs for a kilt?
Most definitely, though they're not much good for anything else.

10. Tell us a secret about Glasgow?
We have the best singing voices in the world.

11. What is the best holiday you've ever had?
The best time I ever had was in the Maldives, which is how I imagined a luxury holiday to be when I was a little boy watching Bounty adverts. Having cut my teeth on wet caravan holidays in the west coast, any holiday where you can step out the door without getting drenched is a bonus.

12. Glasgow or Edinburgh?
Glasgow because that's where my heart will always be. But Edinburgh will always be special as me and my wife got married in Dundas Castle out in South Queensferry.

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