The View - Witch Bitch? (4 stars)

This article is from 2009.

The View - Witch Bitch?



Packing indie festival anthems, bar room garage, cheeky backstage ditties, stadium rock and orchestral grandiosity The View’s follow-up to 2007’s Hats off to the Buskers has it all – all besides a coherent identity that is. As an album Witch Bitch? is all over the shop, with 14 disparate tracks united only by a familiar upstart attitude, unchecked ambition and Tayside patter. Producer Owen Morris is on board again and can probably take some credit for the winning largess, along with a portion of the blame for some more poxy moments, while it is the orchestration and range of instrumentation that raises the whole project to ‘project’ status and makes this a worthy follow-up to a platinum selling debut, and a promise of future greatness.