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The Sound of Arrows

When is an EP not an EP? When it’s basically a single plus three forgettable remixes, ala Future Loop Foundation’s ‘The Sea & the Sky EP’ (Just) •• – a decent floaty chill out tune all told, but surrounded by such unnecessary filler tracks as to do a disservice to the good name of real extended players everywhere.

New Rhodes’ ‘The Joys of Finding and Losing That Girl’ (Salty Cat) ••• is a familiar tale of boy finds girl, boy loses girl, boy writes sissy indie rock song about, well, you get the idea. Like cockroaches after a nuclear spat, tunes such as this will somehow always endure, and perhaps that’s no bad thing. Also doing derivative, but at least doing it pretty well: Sky Larkin with rackety indie rock fuzz bomb ‘Beeline’ (Wichita) •••.

Cruiser’s trans-Atlantic creation (the vocals were recorded in Minnesota and the music Fife) ‘A Gentle Press’ (KFM) ••• is a breezy, ambient thing informed by Mercury Rev’s mellower moments. On the basis of ‘You’re A Star’ (Future Gods) ••• Ex-Mull Historical Society man Colin Macintyre is clearly still a dab hand with a big ol’ melody. While we’re sampling the local, lets applaud the return of Franz Ferdinand with ‘Ulysses’ (Domino) •••• a slinky, strutting glam corker which suggests they’ve pulled off that difficult trick of freshening things up while still sounding recognisably like their dandy old selves.

Less dandy than Hasidicly hirsute are beat poet and DJ combo Dan Le Sac vs Scroobius Pip, who’ve teamed up with De La Soul’s Pos Plug Won for this re-jig of the belting ‘Thou Shalt Always Kill’ (Sunday Best) •••• and given a freshening up to their freshening up of the ten commandments, hip hop-style.

Also arriving stamped with a postmark from heaven, Single of the Fortnight: ‘M.A.G.I.C’ (Labrador) ••••• a bona fide future pop masterpiece by new Swedish duo The Sound of Arrows. Think The Avalanches, but with the genius sampling representing merely the cherry on the cake of their fresh, joyous, swoonsome craft, rather than the sponge, the jam and the cream to boot. Stick it on repeat and brighten up your day over and over again.

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