Introduction to Midgie #2

Midgie #2

It's often been remarked that as a small country, Scotland punches well above its weight. Look in any record shop and it's heaving with records from bands that started here. Scan through the history books and you will find that Scots invented Dolly the sheep, tarmac, the television, telephones and, perhaps most importantly, the flushing toilet. It's even possible to trace the bloodlines of American presidents back to here. This may be a tiny nation, but it's got a great big, giant-size footprint.

Chatting with Alex Salmond, who gave The Midgie an exclusive interview in this issue, I found myself reflecting on this. After all, I'm a Londoner who moved to Scotland and now, some years on, I spend part of my week telling you lot how good it is to be here. But why do I like it here and why should you?

I hope this magazine contains some answers to that question. We spoke to Biffy Clyro, who told us how they preferred Glasgow to Los Angeles. The first minister explained why Scots are so popular in the world and The View, a band of young pop scamps from Dundee, said that no matter how far away they go, it's Scottish tunes that play on their stereo.

But apart from all the hipsters of the modern day, Scotland has a fascinating history that stretches way back to the pre-iPod ages. Once upon a time, Vikings marauded around these lands. Some time later, a young rake called Robbie Burns embarked upon a poetic (and sexual) adventure. You can read about both of them in this magazine. What we do in The Midgie is explain a bit about what's happening at the moment and a bit about what happened in the past, conveying something of our own enthusiasm about Scotland in the process. Then, after you've got to know it a bit better, you can tell us why you like it here. We're looking forward to hearing from you.

Jasper Hamill

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