The Ballet (3 stars)

The Ballet

Half My Heart Beats @ The Flying Duck, Glasgow, Sat 10 Jan


Travelling thousands of miles from New York City to Europe for a tour is not something you’d expect a band to do half heartedly, so it was a shame to see Big Apple electronic indie pop softies The Ballet performing here in Glasgow with a timidity that bordered on the apologetic.

Shyness is a given from an outfit of their literate, bittersweet ilk. But this bunch have got some great songs, and since a sizeable and receptive audience turned out to hear them, there was little excuse for the band not to be cranking up the volume and looking marginally less like they wanted dearly, in spells, for the floor to open wide and swallow them.

‘The House on Fire’ recalled the chirpy synths and beats of Au Revoir Simone, while much of the rest of The Ballet’s tunes, ‘In My Head’ the standout amongst them, were straight from the school of strummy melodic wistfulness whose alumni includes The Magnetic Fields, the Hidden Cameras and Belle and Sebastian – groups who have learned not to let their inherent aversion to a crowd prove a hindrance to a good live show.

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