Rock The Boat (4 stars)

De Rosa

The Ferry, Glasgow, Sat 10 Jan


Shelter Scotland were the beneficiaries of this charidee shindig on the Clyde, organised by Glasgow label Mister Tramp Records, which encouraged its bands to let their hair down for the night and play a slightly out of the ordinary set featuring covers, rarities or new songs.

Upbeat beardies Mitchell Museum worked a curious line of borrowings from The Platters, Marilyn Manson and Tings Tings amongst their own stuff, which – reminiscent of the effervescent, fuzzy alt.pop of early dEUS – was pretty impressive. You Already Know brought the spacey, rock noise, and plenty of jumping – always good, except perhaps for when it’s all over Talking Heads’ ‘Psycho Killer’ – after which Evan Crichton toned things down with some fine ornate, swaying indie.

Dark post-folkers De Rosa managed to pull off the most unlikely cover of the night in the shape of Take That’s ‘Greatest Day’, before playing material from their grand, if bleak, forthcoming new album Prevention, fun not exactly being the band’s forte, but by then there had already been plenty of that to go around.

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