The All American Rejects

The All American Rejects

The Garage, Glasgow, Tue 27 Jan


It sounds like effortless pop punk, but The All American Rejects almost went ‘crazy’ writing their new album, When The World Comes Down. Guitarist Mike Kennerty explains: ‘When we were writing the second album Move Along (which later went double platinum) there was a lot of pressure from our management and our label not to have the sophomore slump.

‘With the new record the pressure from them wasn’t there as much, they were like “nah, it’s going to be a great record”. That worked negatively for us; we weren’t confident with the songs and everyone else was. We ended up going a little crazy and putting a lot of pressure on ourselves and questioning everything we were doing. Honestly, up until a couple of months ago we were really behind on getting the record finished, we were still questioning whether it was any good or if we had the right songs.’

Record now complete, the Rejects have a mammoth touring schedule ahead of them which sees them returning to the Garage, incidentally the first place they ever played in Scotland. And they’re itching to get back on the bus. ‘It took us six months to write the CD so we’re eager to get back on the road,’ says Kennerty. ‘In two years or so we’ll be tired of being away from home and be begging for the chance to make a new record. It’s a grass is always greener sort of thing.’

All American Rejects

Over-14s show. Oklahoma-bred, New York-based power punk pop band.

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