Little Howard's Kids Show


Never work with children or animals goes the surely outdated cliché. But what about an audience of children? Or a crowd of animals? Could you tell the difference? In his dual life as a grown-up’s and children’s comic, Howard Read has been confronted by gatherings of various degrees of awkwardness. ‘There’s a bit at the end of my show where me and Little Howard discuss what the moral of the story might be,’ he recalls. ‘When we were in Cardiff some kids shouted out “never trust anybody” and “kill all pigeons”, which I thought was a bit scary, and not the moral of the story at all. Generally, kids are small, noisy and very funny, but kids in Cardiff are depressed and have a pathological hatred of pigeons.’

The Perrier-nominated Read has been round the stand-up comedy block with his tiny animated alter ego, but he’s still open to new influences. ‘I’ve got a five-month-old son called Samson, who’s starting to inspire Little Howard stuff. He can’t talk yet, but he pulls a lot of faces, and Little Howard’s started pulling the same ones recently.’ So, who is Howard’s animated little buddy really based on? ‘Me as a kid,’ Read confesses. ‘I was a very confused little boy and spent most of the time misunderstanding the world, and that’s what Little Howard does. I was a very serious child, and that’s why Little Howard doesn’t smile much. I was very serious, but everyone found me quite funny. Just like Little Howard.’

The Stand, Glasgow, Sat 17 & Sun 18 Mar; Platform, Glasgow, Tue 20 Mar.

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