M83 - Saturdays=Youth (3 stars)

M83 - Saturdays=Youth

As special guests on the UK tour of Kings of Leon and support act for The Killers US Tour, M83 have felt it appropriate to re-release their album which was met with critical acclaim first time round but little in the way of public knowledge. Single “Kim and Jessie” showcases the album well; ethereal vocals, swirling ambient sounds in the background and synths blanketing it all as the world of teenage melodrama crashes to the ground. 'Skin of the Night' is like listening to the follow-up single from Bats For Lashes, music where the silent parts are never quite silent and the pounding percussion makes you want to dig out that best of Tears for Fears for another listen.

The album has more of a swagger in the middle section, with the tracks being leaner and to the point, with the shift in tempo being a welcome change. It does however highlight the over-indulgence on some of the tracks, most noticeable on final track “Midnight Souls Still Remain” that while grandiose and atmospheric, loses impact when around three minutes in and that sense that this isn’t going anywhere in particular. It’s the album of a by-gone era when listener’s weren’t waiting for instant gratification and while fantastic in parts the meandering open-ended tracks gives the impression that there’s still room for improvement.

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