Whiskycats - Whiskycats (4 stars)

Whiskycats - Whiskycats

(Medical Records)

With an opening sounding like the theme tune of a Parisian Benny Hill, Whiskycats makes your ears perk up. A burlesque, carnivale feel flows through this album whisking you along in some sort of mutated foxtrot. The album artwork has the Manchester five-piece in circus gear and this is fitting, the music having that pantomime feel with a dirty, dangerous undercurrent. That might just be from me not particularly trusting clowns though.

'Steady Freeloader' adds some funky times to the proceedings, but for the most part this is jaunty, riotous and just fun to listen to. They’re definitely bringing something fresh to the table, although the jazz freakout at the end of 'Locked Out Lover' I could do without. However, all is nearly forgiven with the swinging swagger of the saloon piano in “Slippers” and the frenetic rumble of “God Of The Vacuum”, meaning that this album will leave you with a smile on your face at the end of it all.

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