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Ava Vidal

Name Ava Vidal

Who’s she then? Possibly the tallest female comic on the circuit, 6ft plus Ava Vidal is a cool and composed performer with an intriguing past. A teenage mum, she earned a living as a prison officer before turning to stand-up, a move inspired by watching Chris Rock.

She'll have done the Edinburgh Fringe, then? Yes, with shows entitled Misfit and Responsible. The former from 2005 about her out-of-place life so far and the latter a year later concerning the shift into her thirties.

Has she been on the box? Back in 2004, she appeared in E4’s one-off reality contest Kings of Comedy, a tournament eventually won by Andrew Maxwell. And if you happen to have been in the US during the summer of 2007, you might have spotted her doing well in NBC’s Last Comic Standing, a show not a million miles away from KoC. Unfortunately, some visa problems prevented her from getting to LA for the semi-final.

Is she related to Gore Vidal? No.

Jongleurs, Edinburgh, Fri 23 & Sat 24 Jan.

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