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Marcel Woods

Name Marcel Woods

Occupation Hard house, trance and techno DJ, who has cut a searing path across the larger clubs in Europe throughout the 00s. The future looks bright.

Where is he from? The Netherlands, where Woods recently played both the White and Black editions of that country’s famous Sensation parties. Woods is rightly proud of the invitation to play both, as it underlines his resistance to categorisation, and the versatility of his DJing style. Listen to any of his twelves and you’ll realise the depth of his production style.

What next? The next concept (and it does feel a lot like a concept) is something called ‘Musical Madness’. This is a full-blown, sustained attempt at exploring every facet of Woods’ musical understanding. It’s a multi-media affair that will incorporate releases on CD, internet postings, the transformation of the DJ’s personal appearance, live work and a host of other ideas. It’s exactly the kind of thoughtful, passionate project you can’t really see Judge Jules investing much time in.

What might I have heard? Probably the most famous release bearing the man’s name is the 2006 compilation ‘High Contrast Presents …’ which included a whole CD comprised of Woods’ productions. Pete Tong made his tune ‘Monotone’ essential, global players Marco V, Tiësto, Paul Van Dyk and Eddie Halliwell all pack a Woods tune or two when playing out and he also mixed this year’s rather popular Trance Energy mix CD. No-one could accuse Woods of slacking off.

Any other business? Woods has an almost pathological dislike of labels, boxes and pigeonholes. His modus operandi seems to be the complete decommissioning of all types of categorisation. Now that trance is firmly out of the charts, he might have a greater chance of reaching a wider audience.

Marcel Woods plays Inside Out at The Arches, Glasgow, Sat 31 Jan

Inside Out

Banging house, techno and trance from the long-serving club night, now no longer monthly.

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