Numbers/Fortified Sessions at Stereo, Fri 30 Jan


While Dutch producer Martyn Deykers does not strictly consider himself a dubstep artist, his innovative combination of the throbbing, soulful chord progressions of early Detroit techno and the percussive intricacy of 90s drum & bass have resulted in some of the most progressive additions to dubstep’s growing discography over the past few years. ‘It was strange that the first release on Revolver was labelled “dubstep”. When I made that I’d never really heard any dubstep except for the Burial album and some Kode 9. I wasn’t really aware that there was a scene. I kind of enjoy being on the periphery of things.’

Extraordinary critical acclaim for Martyn’s recordings has led to a number of recent collaborations with some of the most promising figures in contemporary electronic music: ‘It’s great working with the whole Brainfeeder family, with Flying Lotus, Hudson [Mohawke] and Daedelus. They all bring really interesting things to the table. Everyone brings their own personal vibe. It’s not really about genre with them, but more about intensity.’

Having relocated to America last year, Martyn is looking forward to his European tour: ‘I’ve been in the US for six months, getting married and doing paperwork. I couldn’t work officially, but six months is a good time to make an album [Great Lengths will be released on his own 3024 label in March], so that’s what I did. It’s very exciting because I haven’t played any of the music from the album out. This trip to Europe is going to be the premiere of a lot of my new stuff.’


A set of first-class hip hop, R'n'B and dubstep from guest Martyn, presented by Numbers and Fortified's Electric Eliminators.

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