• The List
  • 12 March 2007


The best comedy

Mark Watson Your last ever chance to see the superb I’m Worried That I’m Starting to Hate Almost Everyone in the World, inspired by the time the Bristolian was mugged by a young hoodlum type. The Stand, Glasgow, Thu 15 Mar.

Wil Hodgson The Care Bear-lovin’ ex-wrestler brings us more musings with Holiday Special, an obviously, brilliantly ironic title. The Universal, Glasgow, Thu 15 Mar; Henry’s Cellar Bar, Edinburgh, Wed 28 Mar.

Sarah Kendall The jovial one minute, downbeat the next Aussie completes this amazing Thursday way out west. The Stand, Glasgow, Thu 15 Mar.

Sean Hughes See feature. ABC, Glasgow, Fri 16 Mar.

Andrew Maxwell In a busy field of blarney busters, this one has got the lot. The Old Fruitmarket, Glasgow, Fri 16 Mar.

Alan Carr You’ll have seen him on The Friday Night Project. Now check out the stuff that got him there in the first place. King’s Theatre, Glasgow, Sat 17 Mar.

Doug Stanhope Just to show that Edinburgh shall not be ignored, the Presidential candidate brings us his only UK date for 2007. You lucky sods. The Caves, Edinburgh, Tue 20 Mar.

Chris Addison The posh chap with the intelligent wit gets stuck into the thick of the festival. Tron Theatre, Glasgow, Fri 23 Mar.

Jimmy Carr Another plummy type but with a tongue sharper than a mongoose’s fingernails. And that’s sharp, I can tell you. SECC, Glasgow, Sat 24 & Sun 25 Mar.

Phil Nichol See preview. ABC, Glasgow, Sat 24 Mar; the Stand, Edinburgh, Sun 25 Mar.

Mark Nelson See preview. Blackfriars, Glasgow, Sat 24 Mar.

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