Vampire teen Jaime Winstone

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  • 17 January 2009
Jaime Winstone

Vampire teen Jaime Winstone

Jaime Winstone, the actress daughter of actor Ray Winstone, wanted to be a vampire when she was growing up

Jaime Winstone wanted to be a vampire when she was growing up.

The 23-year-old actress has always been a huge fan of horror movies and admits she became obsessed with the blood-sucking monsters when she was a little girl.

Jaime - the daughter of 'Nil by Mouth' star Ray Winstone - explained: "I was very into horror films, so I wrote my own, and spin-offs of ones I'd seen. I'd always actually fought against acting myself, because my dad did it and I knew that my sister wanted to. As a kid I wanted to be a writer and director. Actually, when I was little I so wanted to be a vampire!"

Jaime recently starred in the horror movie 'Donkey Punch', and complained to the director that her death wasn't gruesome enough.

The stunning star - who has been dating Lily Allen's brother Alfie for two years - is due to shortly start work on new terror-fest 'The Gammons', in which she will both produce and star.

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