Doggy toilet Lisa Kudrow

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  • 17 January 2009
Lisa Kudrow

Doggy toilet Lisa Kudrow

Former 'Friends' actress Lisa Kudrow was once "peed on" by a Great Dane, which then sat on her and knocked her across the room with its tail

Lisa Kudrow was once "peed on" by a Great Dane.

The former 'Friends' star revealed her family's pet - a giant dog named Oden - once cocked its leg and sprayed her with urine before sitting on her.

Lisa recalled: "My parents decided to buy the biggest dog they could find when I was two-years-old. But he peed on me and would sit on me all the time - just to let me know I didn't count.

"And he'd wag his tail and I'd go flying across the room. I don't think I would have got my son a Great Dane when he was two."

The 45-year-old star got her now 10-year-old son Julian a more manageable pooch.

She added: "We have a white toy poodle called Wooly. He looks like a stuffed animal."

Lisa's 'Friends' co-star Jennifer Aniston recently revealed her own traumatic experience with a childhood pet.

She said: "My first pet was Demetri, a white poodle. But he didn't like me much because I would always pull on his tail. But I was three, I thought he was a toy."

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