Jim Carrey's digital dance

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  • 14 January 2009
Jim Carrey

Jim Carrey's digital dance

'Yes Man' actor Jim Carrey sexily dances for partner Jenny McCarthy via a webcam when they are apart

Jim Carrey sexily dances for partner Jenny McCarthy over the internet when they are apart.

The 'Yes Man' actor and his partner of three years use a webcam to stay in touch when Jim, 47, is on location.

Speaking about the couple's love of webcams, Jenny, 36, revealed to America's OK! magazine: "I haven't done any dancing, but I make him do that! It's nice! With the iChat, we're always afraid that there's a third party watching! We're a little bit careful, but it's a great way to have that face-to-face connection!

"I go online and check him out. I tell him his outfit looks cute!"

The pair also spend lots of time on the phone to each other and text each other several times a day.

Although the couple have a lot of fun together, Jenny insists their home life isn't as crazy as people think.

She explained: "It's not that we are that funny - like 'ha, ha, ha,' when we are with each other. I think that's because we have to do that so often - Jim now more than me. I'm a little more serious now with my work. We talk about real issues."

Jenny also credits Jim with helping her six-year-old son Evan, who was diagnosed with autism aged two, get better.

She said: "Jim is a natural therapist. Evan had a lot of anxiety issues, and Jim would soothe his fears by letting him know that it was safe to try something new."

Last year, Jenny claimed she helped Evan overcome his condition by giving him a diet free from wheat and dairy.

She said: "I made a deal with God. I said, 'You fix my boy, you show me the way and I'll teach the world how I did it.' "

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