Kevin Dillon's Pink fling

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  • 12 January 2009
Kevin Dillon

Kevin Dillon's Pink fling

Kevin Dillon has revealed he wants his 'Entourage' character Johnny Drama to have a fling with Pink

Kevin Dillon wants his 'Entourage' character to have a fling with Pink.

When the 43-year-old actor was asked whether his character Johnny Drama thinks the singer is a lesbian, he suggested that Johnny would like to prove otherwise and attempt to seduce her.

The married star explained: "He would think that she might go there occasionally. Johnny Drama would love to get together with Pink."

Kevin was nominated for a 2008 Golden Globe award for his role in the popular US series - where he plays an out-of-work actor with a famous brother.

Kevin - who has a two year old daughter Ava with wife Jane - is the younger brother of 'Crash' star Matt Dillon, who he says he sees regularly.

He added to Vanity Fair magazine: "We go to each other's screenings and premieres, and I see him every holiday. I just spoke with him a couple of days ago. We watch a lot of football together."

Kevin's new movie 'Hotel for Dogs' is released worldwide from February.

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