Arts and entertainments data standard launched with Venue ID system

  • 7 January 2009

Press release: For immediate release 17th December 2008

Arts publisher's collaboration opens significant opportunities for arts data exchange

The List, Scotland's leading arts and entertainments publisher have collaborated with Remotegoat, England's premier arts data publisher and HI-Arts, the Scottish Highlands and Islands arts development agency to deliver a project that begins to address the paucity of data and information standards in the arts and entertainments sector.

There is currently no unique identifier for arts venues, preventing any matching of data sets between organisations. The establishment of such a standard is the crucial first step towards enabling the exchange of event data between arts organisations keen to publicise their events. The motivation behind the project is the premise that maximum distribution of metadata is an essential step towards effective digital marketing and that, to be effective, such sharing and distribution needs to be systematized. The standard, although driven by digital needs and opportunities, can also be useful for general and print based marketing of events.

The project partners have identified that the subsequent creation of a full standard for sets of information about venues and events – a structured metadata standard – would further increase these opportunities.
The partners will publish a summary specification of the Venue ID during the pilot, of up to six months, with more detail of a Venue ID service thereafter. It is proposed for use, on a not for profit basis, by the whole arts and entertainments community. The project initially involves the creation of a national, publicly accessible web service with Venue IDs for over 30,000 venues from across the UK.
The pilot is designed to provide working experience and allow an opportunity for
consideration of a number of operational matters including the authority to allocate IDs;
distribution of new IDs; approach to managing changes; build, maintenance and operation of
public pages; sustainable operational funding; and a suitable usage licence.

Simon Dessain, Director at The List said, "This project will place the partners at the forefront of digital publishing in the arts and entertainment sector. We are delighted to be working with Remotegoat and HI-Arts"


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