Scottish news bulletin: 7th January 2009

  • 7 January 2009

All newspaper references refer to Scottish editions. Where there is a link to a newspaper's website, the relevant page reference is blue and underlined.


Housing Prices: Rise in Scottish property market has bucked the UK’s downward trend with new figures showing rise in property value in the last quarter. (Scotsman page 14, Herald page 5, Daily Telegraph page 6, Times page 8, Press and Journal page 3)

Corporate M&A: Corporate mergers and acquisitions in Scotland in 2008 were 43% lower than the previous year as the impact of the impeding recession hit home. (Scotsman page 29)

Sterling: The pound continued its fight against the euro yesterday, pushing the single currency down towards the 90p mark. (Herald page 23, Daily Express page 65)

Scotland and the Euro: In an interview with Spanish television, the First Minister said there is a strong argument for joining the euro as the economic crisis causes the value of sterling to plummet. (Daily Telegraph
page 1)

Recession: Alistair Darling warned yesterday that Britain was far from through the recession, meaning the UK government’s forecast for recovery mid 2009 will be undoubtedly delayed. (FT
page 1, Press and Journal page 18)

Gibraltar: George Kerevan comments in the Scotsman on Gibraltar and the debate about taxation powers for the devolved UK administrations. (page 31)


Youth Arrest: A teenager has been arrested after attacks on the home of a teacher who was convicted of assaulting pupils. Since his conviction, Mike Barile’s family home has been targeted by vandals several times. (Scotsman
page 10)

Community Service Workers Strike: Fears of a rise in jail sentences in minor offenders were played down as community service workers go on strike in Glasgow. (Herald
page 11)

Age of Criminal Responsibility: A top police officer backs the move to raise the age of criminal responsibility to 12. (Herald page 10, Daily Telegraph page 4, Times page 3, Press and Journal
page 1)


Forth Bridge: The SNP has rejected the Conservative Party’s offer for discussion over how to fund the Forth Road Bridge. (Scotsman page 9,
page 25, Herald page 6, Times page 11, Press and Journal page 10, Courier page 1)


NHS Hospitals: NHS Scotland is struggling to cope this winter, with patients left on hospital trolleys for hours and operations cancelled. (Herald page 1, page 4)


Work Experience: Ministers are considering the first major shake-up of work experience in Scottish secondary schools for 30 years after a critical report into current practice. The model most local authorities operate on has not been updated since the 1980s. (Herald page 1)

Better Schools: Twenty families were last year discovered trying fraudulently to get their children into schools in East Renfrewshire Council, one of the most successful education authorities in Scotland. (Herald page 7)

Turnaround: A Glasgow school has managed a dramatic turnaround in its education report. St. Ninian’s Primary in Knightswood had previously been given the city’s worst report, however after installing a new head teacher, has received glowing recommendations. (Herald page 7)

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