Introducing . . .

The best new nights in town, this month: Club Antics

Residents John Goucher, Craig Harper and Sean Clinton.

Guests Yes indeedy. Lots of aftershow parties mean that the chances of a famous guest turning up are quite high. These boys are also into supporting the local scene in a big way. The Dykeenies and Captain have already graced the wheels of steel, and as the night gathers speed we are promised even more live acts and guest DJs.

Music policy Wide and open. Imagine a big musical blender filled with a mashed up pulp of classic indie, rock, new wave, new rave, hip hoppin’ party stompin’ faves.

What they say ‘An unpredictable alternative club night for unpredictable alternative people. Antics is set to become the new hub for music lovers across the city, with the guarantee of the best emerging live talent from Glasgow and the UK. So expect to hear all the tunes you nearly forgot about as well as the ones you’re going to want to know.’

What we say After only three short months at the Barfly, these Irish scamps have managed to make a bit of a name for themselves on the Glasgow scene. Great tunes, a good vibe and an up for it bunch of revellers have turned the Barfly into the sweaty wee tavern we know and love from the days of old. Very now and very Barfly.

Club Antics, Glasgow Barfly, weekly Sat.

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