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Ewan Morrison

Ewan Morrison

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Book lovers have ample reason to be cheerful wth new offerings at home and abroad

It’s another hot year for the Scottish contingent with Denise Mina, Irvine Welsh and Ewan Morrison all bringing out books (July) although arguably the country’s most intriguing 2009 publication comes from Dundee debutant Gavin Bain. California Schemin’ (7 Sep) details his somewhat cheeky success in convincing the US music industry that he and a pal were a new American rap duo, Silibil ‘n’ Brains. Other music memoirs come from Ian McCulloch with Silverfish (18 Jun), Jo Whiley’s Down to Earth (18 Jun) and Kelly Osbourne’s eponymous autobiography (28 May).

Two high-ranking movie-makers publish debut novels; David Cronenberg’s Consumed (5 Oct) delves into matters of the body with cancer and cannibalism, while Guillermo del Toro’s The Strain (1 Jun), is ‘a high-concept thriller with a supernatural edge’.

No year would be complete without eyebrows being raised as you utter ‘what, he/she has written a book? Well, I never.’ Underneath this umbrella stands Jenny McCarthy, former Playboy poster girl, on a moral crusade about her son’s autism with Louder than Words (2 Jul) while the name Daniel Depp should ring bells (alarm or otherwise). Yes, he’s ol’ handsome features’ brother and Loser’s Town (2 Mar) is his Hollywood crime caper.

Those who remember the 80s may recall Sara Stockbridge, one of Vivienne Westwood’s clothes’ horses. Hammer (5 Mar) is her literary debut set in London’s Victorian underworld. And Mackenzie Crook joins the kids-books-by-celebrities’ market with The Secret Diary of Ragetti (Oct).