Obscene Fifth Birthday

Ego, Edinburgh, Fri 23 Mar


Although Obscene hasn’t had much luck with venues since opening five years ago in Edinburgh, it is still going strong as a showcase for the best new and local D&B talent and is an essential flipside to the big-name guests who are a staple at Xplicit and at Manga’s irregular incursions back onto the scene.

Started by two girls (Alice Will and Krishma Bachoo, pictured) who were heavily into the local scene, but aware that there weren’t many outlets for upcoming Scots talent at the time, Obscene’s first date was a one-off showcase party at La Belle Angele in March 2002. Enthused by the response - a crowd of 300 turned up on a Wednesday night - they decided to keep the night running, and have since survived the destruction of La Belle in the Cowgate fire and the closure of the Venue to settle in their new home, Ego.

‘We’ve been really surprised by the way we’ve grown and grown since we started’, says co-founder Bachoo. ‘What I like about our crowd is the fact it doesn’t just contain the drum & bass heads you always see at places like Manga, we attract techno fans and people who enjoy other genres too. It’s nice; it means we can do different things while clubs like Xplicit put on big nights which bring drum & bass to the masses’.

An equally varied night awaits at this birthday bash, with the Scratch Perverts-affiliated Jungle Drummer squaring off on live drums against the up-and-coming DJ Fu, supported by the equally lauded Great Ezcape and Edinburgh’s Bland’n’Burg. Your new adventures in D&B start here.

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