Timo Maas

Motel at Liquid Rooms, Edinburgh, Sat 17 Mar


‘I’m having the best time ever as a DJ from a personal point of view. I can play what I love and the people go crazy, what more can you want?’

Timo Maas is one happy bunny and remains fully aware that he’s still living the dream after ten years at the top. The mighty Maas started out like many a music lover, recording from the radio onto his parents’ tape deck, and by the age of 13 was playing the sounds of Germany ‘82 (psychedelic rock and proto-electro) for friends. In the early 90s he went back to the bedroom with his techno collection, and, since turning professional four years later, has never looked back.

Currently working on a third artist album between knocking out remixes and looking to launch a radio show from his farm retreat in Germany, it is here that Maas signals the one area where there is still scope to raise his game. ‘I never had the über-hit with the Timo Maas stuff. The most successful record I ever had did not have my name on it. But this doesn’t matter, I have loyal fans all over the world and I’m loving what I’m doing.’ Accepting that in the clubs he plays he is often among the oldest in attendance, Maas maintains he’s still a child at heart and has no intention of hanging up his headphones, ‘as long as I still get shaky hands when I see a box full of vinyl promos; as long as I’m having as much fun as I’m having right now.’ Long may those joyful jitters last.

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