Gore - Mean Man’s Dream •••• ; Gore - Hart Gore •••


(Southern Lord)


Gore were never really a particularly fashionable proposition – a pummelling Black Sabbath-esque instrumental rock trio from the Netherlands – who stomped their way through the 80s and 90s in the company of the likes of Big Black and Henry Rollins before fizzling out late in the decade. In that time they carved out a handful of grim, musically belligerent albums of tribal grooves and these are much overdue reissues of their first two efforts.

A little over 20 years since these albums were released, we are inundated with bands – a considerable few of them on the label who reissued these discs, Southern Lord – following Gore’s take no prisoners, base, dynamic notions of sluge rock, which might suggest why having their noise back in our lives is no bad thing.

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