Staind & Seether - 5 Reasons to go see

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  • 8 January 2009

1 It’s a killer double bill It’s great when the support act is as good as the headliner and Staind and Seether are the perfect alternative metal partnership.

2 Metal with heart Staind have their detractors with words like ‘morose’ and ‘depressing’ levelled their way. And calling your fourth album 14 Shades of Grey is never going to help win over the shiny happy brigade, however tracks like ‘Outside’ and ‘It’s Been a While’ from 2001’s breakthrough album Break the Cycle are some of the most poignant tunes that nu metal has ever produced, packing more genuine emotion than all your Slipknots, Korns and Papa Roaches combined.

3 Grunge isn’t dead Hailing from South Africa Seether channel the spirit of grunge, leading to them being labelled ‘Nirvana copyists’ by the unimaginative. They even drop a few Nirvana covers into their sets with frontman Shaun Morgan doing a mean Kurt Cobain on the likes of ‘You Know Your Right’, ‘Something in the Way’ and ‘Rape Me’ which will always be great tunes whoever is playing them. And what’s wrong with wanting to sound like Nirvana? They were bloody brilliant.

4 Show your support Both bands have been much maligned by the UK music press but that doesn’t mean they don’t have a strong fanbase. Staind and Seether might not have had crossover success in the UK, but in their respective homelands both bands are multi-platinum unit shifters (Staind have sold over 15 million albums worldwide, and Seether over 5 million).

5 Rock out With all this talk of emotion let’s not forget both acts rock like bastards when they want to. Result. (Henry Northmore)

QMU, Glasgow, Wed 21 Jan.

Staind and April Divine

Over-14s show. Soporific complaint rock from out Stateside way, which is inexplicably popular with the kids.

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