Loop - Heaven’s End; Loop - Fade Out (4 stars)

Loop - Heaven’s End



Spacemen 3 and Croydon’s Loop have been inextricably linked over the years, not least because Sonic Boom of Sp3 (wrongly) accused Loop of nicking his band’s droning tripped out sound. They were in fact coming from similar viewpoints but ended up in different worlds, a case of Loop’s MC5 to Sp3’s Lou Reed. While Spacemen 3 have enjoyed continued acclaim thanks to the patronage of bands like Mogwai, Loop’s dissonant magic remains much undervalued.

Until now that is, with this welcome reissuing of their back catalogue, starting with their fugged-up 1987 debut, a joyous, hazy mash of superfuzzed wah-wah drunk guitars and acid casualty lyrical clichés.

With 1988’s Fade Out, the quartet refined their plan, sharpened their barbs and brought their Velvets meets Can stramash into better focus. Worth visiting for more than just nostalgia.


1. muse3626 Apr 2009, 6:44pm Report

don't understand why this band weren't appreciated more , a band i always return to, lovers of JAMC, MBV. Hawkwind, Black Sabbath & all heavy rock fans should give LOOP more than a considered listen

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