Idlewild (5 stars)


King Tut’s, Glasgow, Thu 18 Dec


This was always going to be a sentimental trip, Idlewild revisiting each of their albums over consecutive nights. In my case, seeing the band for the first time on the 100 Broken Windows tour in 2000 and now again, eight years later playing the same record, has a real emotional resonance. They’ve changed since then. The hair is still straggly, the guitars charged, but they’ve grown more comfortable in their owns skins.

Tonight is split into two. The album – played in order – first, contains some of their finest moments: ‘Little Discourage’, ‘Roseability’ and ‘Bronze Medal’ sound as impressive as they ever have, proving that despite its untidy origins, 100 Broken Windows remains one of their most cohesive and compelling statements to date.

For the second half of the set they take requests from the crowd, ploughing through a ferocious salvo including ‘Modern Way’, ‘Paint Nothing’, ‘In Competition for the Worst Time’ and breathtaking closer ‘I Am What I Am Not’. Idlewild may been looking back tonight but on the quality of this show there’s still a wealth glorious possibilities ahead of them.

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