Rolo Tomassi (2 stars)

Rolo Tomassi

King Tut’s, Glasgow, Tue 16 Dec


With the current trend for turning any conceivable subject matter into a feelgood singalong musical, it seems only fair and logical that Linda Blair’s most famous film role should be immortalised in song eventually.

Or so it would seem according to the bloodcurdling yelps of unrestrained Satanic horror emanating from the angelic-looking petite frontwoman Eva Spence throughout the half hour, wholly hellish, Rolo Tomassi set.

They do seem to be enjoying themselves though, and amusingly, keyboardist James Spence’s between-song announcements, thanking the audience for coming along, are delivered in a polite, quiet speaking voice, which falls into sharp relief against his group’s cacophony of white noise. Spence even ignores the perils of gravity and gets up onto the barrier and appropriately enough the crowd’s physical lack of inhibitions perfectly mirrors the five-piece’s lack of musical structure.

So you can’t fault their enthusiasm. And God loves a trier, as they say. But the Devil can prove to be a tough opponent to beat, as The Exorcist proved.

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