Stage Blood, Roads to Siam and Divorce (4 stars)

Stage Blood, Roads to Siam and Divorce

Stereo, Glasgow, Fri 12 Dec


Divorce have clawed the title of ‘most exciting group in Glasgow’ from the cold, dead hands of whoever held it before.

Having brought Optimo to its knees back in November, the four-girl, one-man group’s live show includes, repetitive sloganeering, screaming walkabouts in the audience and, in bassist Vic Strap-On (ex-Pro Forma) and drummer Andy Brown (once in Bricolage), the most brutal rhythm section in the west.

After such brilliance, almost anything would appear tame, but Roads to Siam face up well enough. Their sound’s rooted in textured, proggy psychedelia, and sounds more mature than you might expect from a band whose pedigree includes The Supernaturals and AC Acoustics.

Live debutantes Stage Blood, on the other hand, bear a certain weight of expectation, given that their number includes Mogwai’s bass demon Dominic Aitchison and Eska’s Colin Kearney. Again, their rough-edged post-rock with tunes and lyrics might well have stolen the show on any other bill, but just can’t overcome the thrilling memory of Divorce.

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