The Foundation

The Foundation

The GRV, Edinburgh, Sat 17 Jan


There’s been a distinct lack of hip hop clubs in Edinburgh since the golden age of the likes of Scratch and El Segundo. Hip hop itself, it seems, has been taken over by the world of bling, with mainstream hip hop becoming a weak R&B-heavy version of previous heights.

Now breakdance crew Random Aspekts are on a mission to take back the music they love. ‘We’re a hip hop night but it’s definitely not just straight hip hop that we’re playing,’ explains promoter/dancer Peter Maniam. ‘Our tag is “the music that inspired hip hop, hip hop and the music hip hop inspired.” Everything from funk and soul to hip hop to pop to rock.’ So don’t be surprised if you hear James Brown, Aerosmith or Chicago house alongside your De La Souls, Run DMCs and Beastie Boys. ‘It could be anything that captures the essence and the energy of hip hop in its heyday, we want people to dance because that’s how it started – with people dancing at block parties on their street.’

Forming back in 2001, Random Aspekts love of dance and danceable music is at the heart of The Foundation and for January’s date they’re hosting a breakdance competition with special guests from around the UK including current British B-boy champions Bad Taste Cru. ‘There hasn’t been a breaking competition at a club in Edinburgh for a while now,’ says Maniam, ‘it brings a good atmosphere and energy to the club.’ Prepare to be dazed and confused by the skills on display.

The Foundation

Breakdance crew Random Aspekts host a mix of hip hop, funk, electro and soul.

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