Brian K Vaughan & Pia Guerra - Y: The Last Man (4 stars)

Brian K Vaughan & Pia Guerra - Y: The Last Man



Brian K Vaughn is one of the most interesting writers in comics Runaways, Ex Machina and Pride of Baghdad offering a new perspective when it comes to graphic storytelling. Y: The Last Man has been similarly praised and deservedly so.

In many ways this book plays with Richard Matheson’s premise from I Am Legend, but with a twist, as a mysterious ‘event’ has caused the death of every male mammal on the planet except our vaguely inept hero Yorick and his (also male) capuchin monkey Ampersand. Teaming up with special agent 355 and Dr Mann they are attempting to cross America to discover an explanation for his survival and ultimately a way of repopulating the planet. But it is an America that has drastically changed and Yorick’s sheer novelty value alone puts them in great danger.

Vaughn obviously exaggerates the effects of a maleless world for dramatic purposes but there’s a grain of truth in his scenario, while Yorick’s incompetence makes him more believable than throwing a ‘hero’ into the mix. Though be warned, this collection ends on a big cliff hanger.

Currently Y is one of the buzz projects in Hollywood and it’s great to see it getting the full hardcover ‘deluxe’ treatment.

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