Arches, Glasgow, Thu 5 Oct


It used to be a genre almost exclusively beloved by chavs, shitkickers and the odd ironic student, but the NME are leading the rave revival charge with a prefab movement succinctly titled New Rave. This debut Club NME tour sees a few of their favourites join together, including Datarock, Simian Mobile Disco, Glasgow’s own hugely entertaining Shitdisco, and tricky-to-categorise New Cross trio Klaxons.

‘The elements of rave that we try to incorporate are the fun aspects,’ explains Klaxons’ keyboard player James Righton, taking a break from recording the debut album Myths of the Near Future on the south coast of England. ‘We want our audience to enjoy themselves, we want every gig to feel like an event - of course there are musical elements of rave to our sound, but we wouldn’t strictly classify ourselves as that.’

While they incorporate vaguely cheesy keyboard stabs and looped female vocals amidst their guitar-based sound, and cover rave classics like Grace’s ‘Not Over Yet’ and Kicks Like a Mule’s ‘The Bouncer’ (Righton and fellow bandmembers Jamie Reynolds and Simon Taylor formed over their plan to record a version of the latter), Klaxons do indeed offer a whole lot more. Their songs take as much from urgent indie-pop as rave, and are filled with geekish sci-fi references - the album title is from Ballard; the single ‘Atlantis to Interzone’ references Burroughs.

‘Again, we have fun with the lyrics,’ says Righton. ‘The Smiths did that well, putting words in pop songs you wouldn’t hear anywhere else. But that’s what we’re about - when we first came to London the place was full of dire indie bands, and we just want to fight against that boredom.’


Mercury Prize-winners with a blaring ravey indie sound.

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