Samantha Ronson's web denial

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  • 29 December 2008
Samantha Ronson

Samantha Ronson's web denial

Samantha Ronson has denied hijacking her girlfriend Lindsay Lohan's MySpace page to accuse the actress' father Michael Lohan of infidelity

Samantha Ronson has denied hijacking Lindsay Lohan's MySpace page to accuse the actress' father of infidelity.

The DJ - who is dating the 'Mean Girls' star - insists she had nothing to do with a message from Lindsay which claims Michael Lohan confessed to fathering an illegitimate child.

Michael has launched his own website in response to the post, which says he is "99 per cent" sure Samantha wrote the entry.

Samantha said: "Ha! That's funny, but I don't ghost-write MySpace blogs. Good thing he left that one per cent window open so he wasn't 100 per cent wrong for once."

The post on Lindsay's MySpace page reads: "My father just let my family and me know, amongst other things, that he had another child after my little sister Aliana.

"He cheated on my mother and that really sucks... MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!"

Michael - who will be writing daily posts and chatting live every Monday at 9pm - claims the site is designed to "set the record straight" and is not a vehicle to vent his own frustrations toward his daughter and her girlfriend - the sister of music producer Mark Ronson.

He wrote: "I have no intention of disclosing any information or feelings I may have about either one of them unless it is in defence of what they or one of their 'mouthpieces' might say about me.

"If that includes dispelling some things said of me, so be it."

His first post ends with a bizarre biblical quote from Romans 2:8-10: "For those who are self seeking and who reject the Truth and follow evil, there will be wrath. There will be trouble and distress for those who do evil, but glory, honour and peace for anyone who does good."

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