Hugh Jackman's demanding role

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  • 28 December 2008
Hugh Jackman

Hugh Jackman's demanding role

Hugh Jackman admits he agreed to play a cowboy in new movie 'Australia' without knowing how to ride a horse

Hugh Jackman agreed to play a cowboy in 'Australia' without knowing how to ride a horse.

The handsome actor admits he only has minimal riding experience and worried he would fall short as The Drover - an Australian version of a cowboy - in his latest film.

He said: "Every actor you've ever met says he knows how to ride a horse so when they asked me if I could, I said, 'Yeah, I can ride' but I had really only done a little bit before."

When he received the script, Hugh began to realise he had underestimated how demanding the role would be.

Hugh, 40, added: "This is how they describe my character's horsemanship, 'The Drover, astride his horse like a knight in shining armour corralling 100 wild horses, by himself.' That freaked me out.

"Then it says, 'The Drover rides along on the saddle pursuing a bull. He leaps down and throws the massive beast on to its side. The Drover takes out a bush knife, grabs the bull by the b***s and slices them!' "

In preparation for playing The Drover, Hugh embarked upon a gruelling horse training regime, riding every day for a year before shooting began on the film.

'Australia' opens in European cinemas this month.

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