Exposure: John McFarlane

Exposure: John MacFarlane

Sluts of Trust - Greatest Gift

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Best known as the singer, guitarist and general shouter-in-chief with gratifyingly unselfconscious wonky rockers Sluts of Trust, John McFarlane released various singles and the album We Are All Sluts of Trust through Chemical Underground earlier this decade. With a solo show coming up at King Tut’s, he tells us more.

What have you been up to recently?
I’ve been playing solo shows, wee quiet support slots here and there, and in August I played the Guitars and Other Machines Stage at Hydro Connect. I’ve been doing a lot of writing, too.

So are these solo shows aimed at trying out the new material?
Yeah, but I’m doing them for fun as well. I’ve written a lot of new songs, and I’ve got a lot of material and ideas recorded. It’s only in the past year or so, though, that a certain chunk of these songs have leapt out. Like, they’ve got enough momentum now that they can be taken out and performed.

Does the music sound different now? Given that Sluts of Trust were a kind of power duo.
I would say it was sexier and more engaging. I’ve been doing these solo shows acoustically, although I’ve recently got some new equipment which I’ll be using at this Tut’s gig – I’ve got a new guitar, which I’m pretty excited about! This is kind of a transition to coming back with a full band, which I intend to be doing next year.

Would that be using the same name and format as Sluts of Trust, or do you have something different planned?
It’ll be the same name, and I can definitely tell you there’ll be a drummer – not the drummer from the first album (Anthony O’Donnell), but the second drummer (Roo Harris). Beyond that, I’m not entirely sure yet. I’ve just been writing as I see fit, not necessarily trying to do something different, but just doing what I want to do and taking as much time as I want to do that. That’s why I’ve not been playing so much – after doing at least a hundred gigs, I wanted to get away from playing songs from the first album until I’d written new material that I was happy with.

John McFarlane plays King Tut’s, Glasgow, Sun 28 Dec, with We Are The Physics and Fangs.

We Are The Physics, The Rockalls, Sinhead and From Paris to Prison

Self-styled mutant science punk rockers play their new album Your Friend, The Atom in its entirety.

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