Pamela Anderson's book gift

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  • 20 December 2008
Pamela Anderson

Pamela Anderson's book gift

Pamela Anderson is giving everyone the same book, 'One Can Make a Difference', this Christmas

Pamela Anderson is giving everyone the same book this Christmas.

The former 'Baywatch' actress is so impressed by 'One Can Make a Difference' - which features "inspirational essays" from a host of people including Sir Paul McCartney, Brigitte Bardot and the Dalai Lama - she is planning to treat her loved ones and even two US Presidents to the tome this year.

She said: "I love the holiday season - so much giving and receiving. And this year finishing my shopping list will be easy, because I've found a wonderful book I'm giving everyone. It's called 'One Can Make a Difference'.

"I'm sending a copy of the book to Barack Obama and to Mr. Bush, too, since he'll need ways to pass the time, because it is exactly the theme for our next White House - one can make a difference!"

Pamela also revealed the book triggered all kinds of emotions in her when she read it, ranging from tears to hysterical laughter.

She explained: "Some of the essays had me crying, like the one by the man who gets arrested saving seals on the ice, and some had me laughing hysterically. It has essays by a woman who started the first breast milk bank in India and a girl born without feet who now runs marathons. My role model Brigitte Bardot - who said, 'I gave my youth to men, now I'm giving my wisdom to the animals' - Paul and Stella McCartney, Martina Navratilova and the Dalai Lama are also in there."

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