Kate Winslet's co-star's thrill

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  • 19 December 2008
Kate Winslet

Kate Winslet's co-star's thrill

Kate Winslet's young co-star David Kross in 'The Reader' reveals their sex scenes just got "better and better"

Kate Winslet's 18-year-old co-star says their sex scenes got "better and better".

David Kross has revealed the 33-year-old actress banished any awkwardness from their intimate scenes in 'The Reader' by telling jokes.

Kross said: "In the beginning I was really, really nervous but it got better and better and we started to make jokes. Kate said that after the scenes were over we'd laugh about them and that's true."

The young German actor had very limited acting experience when initially cast as Michael Berg - a 15-year old school boy, living in 1950's West Germany, who falls in love with Winslet's character Hannah Schmitz.

But despite his age, Kross knew the sex scenes had to be "done properly" and couldn't have had a better co-star.

He continued to Britain's Daily Mail newspaper: "She's one of the best actresses to do such scenes with as she's done it before and knows what she is doing. I was grateful to her for that."

'The Reader' is based on the eponymous 1995 German novel by Bernhard Schlink. The 2008 film adaptation, written by English playwright David Hare, was directed by 'Billy Elliot' director Stephen Daldry.

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