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Tomorrow’s music today. This issue: Peter, Bjorn and John

Although Peter (Moren), Bjorn (Yttling) and John (Eriksson) are recognised in their native Sweden and have been labouring away in comfortable obscurity everywhere else for some years now, it’s taken a collaboration with a more internationally noted Swedish singer to bring them to our attention.

How did that come about, then?
By hooking up with their friend Viktoria Bergsman of The Concretes, who provides one half of the duet vocals on ‘Young Folks’. It’s one of the sweetest, most inspiring pop songs of the year, a rush of shuffling bongos and rising strings, a whistled chorus and honeymoon romance. If it were the only song they ever recorded they wouldn’t be quickly forgotten.

So is it the only song they recorded?
Course not, there are albums’ worth. Three, to be precise, including 2002’s eponymous debut and 2004’s Falling Out, although this year’s Writer’s Block (which contains ‘Young Folks’) is the most well known here. Ambling between electronica and more traditional recording methods, it invokes the spirit of both Phil Spector and Jason Pierce at the same time, a lush and tuneful epic with a romantic heart. Yttling is also a jazz musician (in the descriptively-titled band Yttling Jazz) and the sometime producer of fellow Swedes The Shout Out Louds, while all three share vocal credits on the album. They are, in short, pop prodigies of charm and talent, and they come highly recommended.

ABC2, Glasgow, Sat 30 Sep.

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