Mike Mignola & Cary Nord (3 stars)

Conan No 31 (Dark Horse)


There was a time when artist Mike Mignola wasn’t very sure of his own writing skills. In the early days of Hellboy he handed John Byrne a plot to be fleshed out fully by the far more established writer. Now Mignola feels confident enough to guest on other titles, even handing over the illustrating reins on his own beloved Hellboy and BPRD series. Here he brings to life ‘The Hall of the Dead’ by Conan creator Robert E Howard for a one issue guest slot. As you’d expect, it’s a story with elements of HP Lovecraft’s Cthulhu Mythos one of Mignola’s constant influences. A tale of blood, sacrifice, zombies, hulking barbarians and sexy wenches in skimpy bras (much like you expect in any self-respecting Conan story). Solid swords and sorcery hokum with some great dramatic art from Cary Nord.

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