Madonna's divorce sums

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  • 17 December 2008

Madonna's divorce sums

Madonna has released figures varying by £21 million as to how much estranged husband Guy Ritchie will receive in their divorce settlement

Guy Ritchie could get £21 million less in his divorce settlement from Madonna.

The singer has released two conflicting statements regarding the payout, sparking confusion over how much the 'RocknRolla' director will receive in total.

The first statement from Madonna's spokesperson Liz Rosenberg, released on Monday (15.12.08), stated Guy would receive between £50 and £60 million in cash and property.

But in a following email to the BBC, Madonna's team claimed Guy would get $60-70 million - which converts to between £39 and £46 million.

A source close to Guy told Britain's Daily Mirror newspaper: "Madonna seems to be trying to paint Guy as the bad cop, but it's not working.

"If her people can't even decide on a single figure, then he's hardly a money-grabbing chancer. He's determined to keep a dignified silence, but she is making it difficult."

Currently, it is believed Guy will receive the couple's Ashcombe House estate in Wiltshire, Southern England, their London pub The Punch Bowl and a significant cash sum in their divorce settlement.

The two properties are collectively worth around £12.5 million.

Guy, 40, and Madonna, 50, were awarded a decree nisi in their divorce in a London court on November 21. They are still finalising custody arrangements for the three children they raise.


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