Slipknot - SECC, Glasgow, Mon 9 December 2008 (4 stars)

Slipknot - SECC, Glasgow, Mon 9 December 2008

For any rock band worth their salt, it's all about the guitars. BIG. HEAVY. GUITARS. Slipknot have their fair share of shredding riffs and six string belligerence, though the first thing that hits us tonight, aside from the explosions and flames from the stage, is the drums. The 7000 or so folks assembled for Slipknot’s first Scottish appearance in over three years feel the sheer power of the Iowan nontet. And when it comes to keeping a beat, Joey Jordison is pretty much as good as it gets, battering into a humungous kit with black cymbals (yes, he’s that metal). Jordison is the driving force behind the band; his incessant, but dextrous play underpins the fury unleashed from the rest of his squad while vocalist Corey Taylor shows up in a kilt and is always on hand to deliver a big, soaring chant-a-long chorus out of the melee.

It’s a fitting finale then that during their closer ‘(SIC)’, Jordison’s entire drum kit rises 15 feet into the air before rotating on its side 360 degrees. He never misses a beat. Taylor signs off for the evening by flipping up his kilt to show us his skinny American ass. It may have been the only improvised move of the evening, but it reminds us that beneath the choreographed mayhem beats a lean metal machine that can crush all comers.


The controversial masked American heavy metal shock-rockers with a typically uncompromising live set of blood, snot and tears.

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