Kate Winslet's Leo rescue

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 14 December 2008
Kate Winslet

Kate Winslet's Leo rescue

Kate Winslet saved her 'Revolutionary Road' co-star Leonardo DiCaprio from a crazed female stalker recently

Kate Winslet saved Leonardo DiCaprio from a crazed female stalker recently.

The pair were travelling to a Los Angeles screening of their new movie 'Revolutionary Road' when Kate wound down the window to light a cigarette and was confronted by an over-zealous fan.

A source said: "When the car they were in stopped at a red light, a woman screamed, 'Oh my God, it's Jack and Rose!' referring to their roles in 'Titanic', and jumped through the window.

"Kate grabbed the girl's hair and tried to get her off Leonardo, who she was gripping onto for dear life, and shouted, 'Let go of him!' "

However, it was the limousine driver who eventually managed to bring the commotion to an end.

The source added to National Enquirer magazine: "As soon as he could, the limo driver slammed to a stop, ran back and opened the rear door - just as Kate and Leonardo pushed the woman out. The woman hit the pavement hard, the driver grabbed her and pushed her out of the way of traffic and then bolted back into the limo and gunned it as a dazed Leonardo and elated Kate cheered."

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